Crisis Management

When trouble hits, years of accumulated trust can disappear in a nanosecond. Preserving reputation in times of crisis takes razor-sharp strategies and a keen understanding of today’s complex media and stakeholder landscape.

In most cases, it’s not the crisis itself that causes the most damage but how the organization is seen to respond to it. Opinions form and are tweeted around the globe with lightning speed. Perceptions that management was unprepared, inept or evasive can linger for decades – long after the details of what actually happened have faded from memory. With trust in business at an all-time low, companies and executives are immediately presumed to be guilty of something – often before any facts are even available.

Reputation Architects delivers the insight, tools and strategies clients need to defend their reputations and protect their operations in this environment of hyper-connectivity and evaporated trust. From orchestrating worldwide product recalls, to managing a state-of-the-art international emergency response network for a major airline, to neutralizing attacks by activist groups of all descriptions, our team has been on the front lines of every type of crisis imaginable, including:

  • Data privacy and cyber-crime issues
  • Product safety concerns
  • Government investigations
  • Workplace violence
  • Environmental problems
  • Marketing and sales practices issues
  • Labor disputes and strikes
  • Class action and mass tort litigation
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Corporate governance and shareholder challenges
  • Fraud, insider trading and white-collar criminal prosecutions
Crisis Management