Communications and Media Training

We train spokespeople at all levels and from countless backgrounds to deliver messages with power and precision and steer clear of media traps. In addition to training for print, television and online interviews, we provide preparation for Congressional testimony, major speeches, technical presentations, investor conferences and roadshows and other command performances that leave no margin for anything less than flawless performance.

Every course we do is highly customized to reflect participants’ past media experience, the interview scenarios and topics they will likely face, and any embarrassing issues and questions that could surface. If the media can uncover it, our job is to find it. Our video-based training model is scalable and encompasses everything from intensive, discreet sessions for one executive to half-day, full-day and multi-day group courses covering such topics as:

  • Fine-tuning messages for effective delivery
  • Understanding interview dynamics
  • Setting the interview agenda
  • Telling your story with colorful anecdotes and quotes
  • Techniques for deflecting difficult questions and staying in control
Communications and Media Training