Safeguarding reputation today takes more than a well-tested crisis plan. It demands heightened sensitivity to risk and a management mindset focused on intercepting and neutralizing issues in their earliest stages, before they snowball into bigger problems. Reputation Architects combines decades of front-line crisis management experience with unparalleled expertise in reputation risk assessment, crisis and business continuity planning, reputation risk reduction, crisis training and reputation surveillance to equip organizations to see around corners and master the risks that jeopardize reputation and trust.

Crisis Management

The last thing you need in a crisis is a bunch of people telling you what you already know. You need an unbiased assessment of your situation and help thinking through the decisions you face. You need the insight of experts who have been there before and helped others successfully navigate similar situations. And you need it now. Reputation Architects crisis first-responders are ready to go 24 hours a day to assess your situation, formulate an immediate response plan and mobilize resources as needed on the local, national or international levels.

Reputation Risk Assessment

Our holistic risk assessment methodology uncovers the full inventory of issues and crises an organization conceivably could face and prioritizes them for further attention and planning. As an added benefit, this thorough, outside-in analysis based on years of crisis experience frequently uncovers areas where minor adjustments to longstanding  policies or operating practices can head off more serious and costly problems down the road.

Reputation Risk & Crisis Planning

From orchestrating worldwide product recalls and neutralizing activist attacks to responding to disasters both national and man-made, our team has been on the front lines of every type of crisis imaginable. We’ve helped countless organizations anticipate and prepare for issues and crises of every description, from assembling effective crisis teams to developing secure, online crisis portals that provide instant access to response protocols, contact lists and pre-approved messages, Q&As and background materials for responding to specific scenarios from anywhere in the world, updated in real time.

Crisis Training & Simulations

The heat of battle is no time to be testing out a crisis plan. Our crisis training and simulation exercises put response plans and the people who will execute them through their paces to eliminate the chance of surprises when a true crisis hits. Programs range from basic seminars on the principles of crisis management, more in-depth courses on topics like managing online reputation and dealing with privacy breaches, tabletop war  games and live crisis drills that simulate real-time interactions with press, social media, regulators, customers, employees and other stakeholders to force participants to make complex decisions under conditions of escalating stress.

Reputation Surveillance

We equip clients to detect the early warning signs of crises so they can act on them before they become bigger problems and attract unnecessary attention. Since the first signs of danger are often internal, in addition to analyzing external channels we develop systems for monitoring customer and employee feedback, manufacturing and supply chain data, competitive intelligence and other signals for trends and anomalies that could foreshadow an impending storm.

Litigation Communications

We’re experts at helping organizations resolve complex legal controversies on the most favorable legal, financial and reputational terms. We work hand-in-hand with outside counsel and in-house legal and communications teams to devise a litigation communications plan and message architecture that parallels and supports legal strategy and considers every motion and proceeding as an opportunity to control the narrative and ensure the proper outcome in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law.

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