Issues and Crisis Planning

Events that just a few years ago would have passed unnoticed are today being transmitted around the globe by citizen journalists with cell phones and flip cams. News of corporate missteps is around the globe at the speed of light. By the time a company can even gather its crisis team, thousands are forming their own opinions and sharing them with their global networks.

The ability to respond with speed and precision can mean the difference between gaining control of a situation and watching it spiral further out of control. Being prepared is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

We’ve helped countless companies anticipate and prepare for issues and crises of all descriptions, from establishing effective crisis teams and response protocols to stocking their crisis arsenals with the custom-tailored tools and materials needed to address specific vulnerabilities. In addition to creating messaging, Q&As, white papers and other materials for use with the media and other audiences, we work with clients to:

  • Develop secure, online crisis portals that provide access to response procedures, background materials, messaging, contact lists and other essential data from anywhere in the world, updated in real time
  • Establish automated emergency alert systems to reach stakeholders by cell phone, landline, e-mail or any combination of devices with information tailored to their individual needs
  • Create Internet “dark sites” that can be deployed rapidly to respond to various types of situations
  • Identify and vet opinion leaders and third-party experts to whom the company can turn in an emergency to validate and amplify its response and position on key issues
Issues and Crisis Planning