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At Reputation Architects, we build, protect and restore reputations in a world of evaporated trust and unprecedented stakeholder engagement. We work with organizations of all sizes to enhance their reputation assets, neutralize reputation risks and transform complex business challenges into opportunities to demonstrate leadership and integrity. 


When it comes to building a winning reputation, being quoted in the right media and seen in the right company is just a starting point.  


Having a well-thought-out plan in case of a crisis is essential. Keeping the crisis from happening in the first place is even better.


Promises don’t rebuild reputation lost to a crisis. Closing the trust gap takes action, transparency and dedication to meaningful change.

From Our Clients

Clients tell us all the time, the greatest testimony to Reputation Architects’ expertise is the work no one ever hears about. It’s often the ones we keep out of the spotlight who sing our highest praises.

senior living

“Everyone caring for seniors prays they will never have to deal with a crisis situation, let alone reporters at the door and helicopters overhead. Reputation Architects’ experience, knowledge and ability to step in as team members helped to guide us through the immediate impact of a nightmare situation. Your insight regarding communication with regulatory entities and key stakeholders during the immediate crisis as well as the reputation repair phase has been invaluable.”

“For years, Reputation Architects has been a trusted ally, helping Plan International USA navigate the complexities of doing business in a competitive landscape. Not only has the team offered sound advice to protect our brand, but they have also taught us the importance of consistent and transparent messaging to constantly reassure our donors that we care about them and are grateful for their support. As a charitable organization that works to advance children’s rights and equality for girls around the globe, Reputation Architects not only supports our vision, but serves as a safety net when we need the expertise of seasoned communications advisers.”

“Reputation Architects has been an invaluable crisis management resource for American Campus Communities over the years. We’ve found engaging them before a situation escalates has been effective in ensuring all angles are explored and the team is prepared for clear and effective communication. Their depth of experience in crisis situations involving an array of stakeholders including students and families, our university partners, investors, legal counsel, local municipalities and the media has provided peace of mind for our team.”

Risk & Reputation Insights

It’s Time to Rethink Crisis Planning

It’s Time to Rethink Crisis Planning

No one could have predicted, much less prepared for, the massive disruption wrought by the novel coronavirus, or the sheer velocity with which the crisis spread around the globe. Many organizations that had comprehensive pandemic response plans in place discovered...

Why We’re Not Inviting You to Another Webinar

Why We’re Not Inviting You to Another Webinar

People keep asking me when we plan to do a webinar offering up our sage advice on communicating during a pandemic crisis. I’m flattered by the suggestion. Really. If my inbox is any indication, however, people already have an abundance of webinars to tune into –...

COVID-19: If You Haven’t Planned, Plan for the Worst

COVID-19: If You Haven’t Planned, Plan for the Worst

With confirmed infections and deaths mounting and growing evidence the coronavirus has been spreading undetected for weeks in the United States, the COVID-19 crisis is at a critical turning point. To date, messages from public health officials have focused almost...

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