People keep asking me when we plan to do a webinar offering up our sage advice on communicating during a pandemic crisis.

I’m flattered by the suggestion. Really. If my inbox is any indication, however, people already have an abundance of webinars to tune into – excellent ones, in fact, on pretty much every topic.

So, here’s what we’re doing instead:

We’re offering a one-hour time slot every day to consult with a non-profit, company or public institution that needs help. A strategic sounding board; unbiased thinking about a particular challenge; a fresh set of eyes on critical messages; or even someone to listen and tell them they’re on the right track. Whatever the need, however we can help.

There’s no cost, and no obligation.

Our plan is to keep this up for as long as we see a need. Priority will be given to non-profits and other organizations that are providing essential health, social and community services during the crisis. If you know of such an organization that you think would find value in this, I’d be grateful if you’d pass this message along to them.

As crisis management strategies go, asking people how we can help them and responding to what they tell us they need isn’t exactly rocket science.

To us, it’s simply caring, and in times like these it’s a strategic priority we should all share.

Be safe.

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